Jimmy Lawlor

About the Artists:

Jimmy Lawlor, born in Wexford, is known for capturing two of the greatest things about Ireland, the humour and it’s landscapes. His loaded imagery teamed with pun-like titles provoke giggles from its viewers, when the laughing stops there comes pure admiration for his highly skilled handling of paint. Lawlor depicts Ireland’s sensational beauty while having fun with the familiar and playful characters he creates. Lawlor's work makes us laugh and puzzles us on what happened before or what is to come in his bizarre narratives. The dreamy and humourous balance of Lawlor’s work shifts from piece to piece. Over 15 years of exhibiting Lawlor has repeatedly delighted art lovers across the country, thankfully he continues to make these works where humour, beauty and the surreal co exist on the canvas to be widely enjoyed. We’ve seen Lawlor depict scenes of west of Ireland, domestic spaces, Dublin’s St Stephen’s Green and imaginary landscapes. 



Lawlor’s work is included in many important private and corporate collections in Ireland and all around the world. Among them Hugh Leonard, Treasury Holdings, Diageo Ireland, Dermot Desmond, Brenda Fricker, Great Southern Hotel Group, Government Buildings and Anglo Irish Bank, London, R&A Bailey Ltd., Dublin Great Southern Hotel, Galway. 




Group Exhibitons

  • AAF Singapore 2016-Sol Art Gallery
  • AAF Sweden 2015-Sol Art Gallery
  • London Irish Art 2015-Sol Art Gallery
  • AAF Singapore 2015-Sol Art Gallery
  • AAF Hong Kong-2015-Sol Art Gallery
  • AAF Singapore 2014-Sol Art Gallery
  • AAF Battersea 2011-Sol Art Gallery-
  • Chelsea London 2009-Sol Art Gallery
  • Group Show 2009-Sol Art Gallery