Paul Kerr

About the Artists:

Paul was born in 1965 in Dungannon in the north of Ireland. His love for painting and drawing began in his early teens. By the time he was 16, it was to be an all-consuming passion. He was accepted for Art College in 1983, however he turned down the opportunity, as his life took a different course. It was more than ten years before he started painting again. He moved to Dublin in 1996, determined to devote his time to art, and has been painting professionally since then. Paul has exhibited throughout Ireland as well as taking part in shows in London, New York, Florence, Milan, Sidney, and Beijing. Paul’s work is in Irish and International collections including the Irish Government – Office of Public Works


In our minds, as in nature, there is light and dark. The brightest day has the darkest shadows, and on the blackest night, a pin prick of light stands out. It is in this space between the two, in no-man’s land, that we all return to, in our most private moments. I have planted my feet in this space between dreams and reality, to try to capture the human soul stripped of modernity.