Reinder Ourensma

About the Artists:


Reinder Ourensma (b. 1952) lives and works in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. He developed a love for figurative work during his studies at Minerva Art Academy. While working as an arts and crafts teacher from 1972, he continued to develop as an artist in his spare time and in relative anonymity. For over thirty years now he has been focusing on the pristine, rugged and quiet Irish landscapes which fascinate him.

Reinder Ourensma’s works are clear, spatial and poetic at the same time. The artist evokes a sense of alienation and being overwhelmed. Also, however, a peaceful quietude is regained his paintings create a shelter from the stress, chaos and pollution of modern life. Ourensma rediscovers an environment which we had almost lost, both in physical reality and in our minds. Ourensma gives nature back her rightful place. But he does more than that. His work is rich with hidden spirituality, embodied in the earth and sky. This creates a mystical, meditative experience chromed happiness.



Exhibitions and Awards

  • 2009 December 13,  Reinder is awarded, among 643 international artists from 78 countries, with the 1st prize Painting - Lorenzo Il Magnifico Gold Award 2009 - at the 7th Florence Biennial in Italy.
  • 2012 June, Reinder Ourensma was invited and presented as one of the 55 participants from all over the world at Ireland's inaugural DUBLIN BIENNIAL POP-UP EXHIBITION 2012 /International exhibition of contemporary art - including "Wish Tree for Ireland" a project by Yoko Ono.



Ever since my first visit ever to Ireland about thirty years ago, I have been touched by its scenery. Surprised and intrigued by the landscape, not only by what I see, but by all kind of different sensations and feelings within too. Like a poet I try to retrieve particular euphoric, moving or even mystical moments that have passed by. My production is limited, which is not surprising when you consider the minute detail and the strikingly energy with wich every painting is produced. With lots of  patience I select essential elements from the superflous.