Niall Leavy

About the Artists:

Niall is an artist working from his studio in the village of Stamullen, Co. Meath, north of Dublin, on the east coast of Ireland.

Blending his careers as a public servant, a psychologist, coach and an artist, Niall gains strength and energy from consciously choosing to focus on the positive aspects of all situations.

Using watercolour and 22.5 carat gold leaf on paper, Niall’s art taps into positivity, with each of his signature small squares representing a ‘moment’, a ‘positive moment’. Each individual piece Niall creates is typically the result of a process of developing multiple layers, with elements of each layer protected and other elements washed, brushed and / or rubbed away, all the time building a ‘history' on the paper. For Niall, each square aims to reflect and capture the richness of experience contributing to, and feelings experienced in, each 'positive moment’.

Niall is constantly looking to bring new dimensions to his work. Over the last couple of years he has introduced the very striking circular forms, the Irish Flag, commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the Irish Rebellion in 1916, and most recently has started incorporating patterns from historical Irish wallpapers, originally dating from the 1700’s and 1800’s . The final line in the David Skinners book on ‘Wallpaper in Ireland 1700 - 1900’, captures the essence of Niall’s exploration:

‘Any piece of historic wallpaper can be the starting point of a web of object-centred lines of enquiry, leading down multiple paths and building into something which might, in its own way, create a pattern worth tracing.’

Niall’s vibrant, distinctive and uplifting work, primarily through the vision and commitment of the Sol Gallery in promoting Irish art and artists to international audiences, has featured in shows in Milan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dublin, London, Seoul, Edinburgh, Stockholm and New York City.

Pat Wallace, the retired Director of the National History Museum, described Niall’s art as ‘reflecting a riot of rhythm and colour, with each piece capturing a world in itself, a mental landscape, a moment of equilibrium.’




Collections: OPW(Office Of Public Works) 

Meath County Council: ‘Revive’        Watercolour & goldleaf on paper

Professional Artists Development Bursary, Meath County Council, 2013

Tyrone Guthrie Centre Residency, April 2016, sponsored by Meath Co. Council.




March: AAF London (Battersea) (all AAF shows are with Sol Gallery, Dublin)


April:    AAF Singapore


June:    AAF London (Hampstead)


Sept:    AAF Bristol


Sept / Oct:       AAF New York


Nov:    Art Source 2016, RDS, Dublin, with the Sol Gallery


Nov:    Edinburgh Art Fair, with the Chimera Gallery




Dec: Mason Hayes Curran Contemporary Irish Art, Dublin



Art Source 2015, RDS, Dublin, with the Sol Gallery




Edinburgh Art Fair, with the Chimera Gallery



AAF Stockholm



AAF Seoul



AAF Hong Kong



AAF London (Hampstead)



AAF Singapore


Jan:   London Irish Art 2015, Central Hall, Westminster, London



Dec: Mason Hayes Curran Contemporary Irish Art, Dublin


Nov: Art Source 2014, RDS, Dublin


Oct – Nov: ‘Luminous’, Solo Exhibition, Toradh Gallery, Ashbourne (MCC)


Jun - Jul: ‘New Heights’ Summer Show, Sol Gallery, Dublin


May: AAF, F1 Pit Building, Singapore


Mar: AAF, Superstudio Più, Milan, Italy


Chimera Gallery, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath





Sol Gallery, Dawson St. Dublin


Edinburgh Art Fair, Edinburgh, Scotland


Art Source 2013, RDS, Dublin


Bracken Art Inaugural Exhibition, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin


SURVEYOR Contemporary Art Exhibition, Solstice Arts Centre, Navan


Kenny’s Art Gallery, Galway


The Wineport Lodge, Glasson, Co. Westmeath


An Clachan Gallery, Co. Donegal




Ardmore Gallery, Ardmore, Co Waterford


Art Source 2012, RDS, Dublin


‘New Horizon’, Solo Exhibition, Sol Gallery, Dawson St. Dublin


‘Inner Light’, Two Person Show, Market Gallery, Mullingar


‘Body & Soul’ exhibition, Brendan Kennelly Summer Festival


RDS Art Fair, Dublin


‘Building Bridges’, Two Person Show, Mullingar Arts Centre


‘Emotional Colour’, Two Person Show, An Dámhlann Gallery, Spiddal


Oireachtas, Guinness Hop Store, Dublin (Installation & mixed media)


London Art Fair, Islington, London