Anneke Wilbrink


Anneke Wilbrink graduated from Frank Mohr Institue, MF Groningen in 2002. She has exhibited widely in variety of European galleries and museums. In 2004 she was nominated for the Prix de Rome (drawing), and she received the Royal Dutch Award for painting in 2006. Her paintings show a stratification of various layers of solid colours, lines, structures and shapes and often depict landscapes and urban architectures. Her subject matter is often the art of painting itself. She responds attentively to what is taking place on the canvas during the painting process and this process can still be perceived by viewers after completion.



Academy of Fine Arts, Kampen, 1995-2000

Master of Fine Arts, Groningen, 2000-2002


  • 2016/ 2017

Galerie SANAA, Utrecht

  • 2016

-Nederlandse Gasunie, Groningen (solo)

  • 2015

 -Kunstrai Amsterdam, Galerie SANAA

  • 2014

 -Galerie SANAA, Utrecht

-Stedelijk Museum, Zwolle

  • 2013

 -Leipzig Rundgang Spinnereigalerien, galerie SANAA, Germany

-Galerie SANAA Utrecht

-Galerie AYACS - Amsterdam

-RAW Art Fair, Galerie SANAA, Rotterdam

  • 2012

 -Grosse Malerei Nieuwe Vide , Haarlem

-Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam

-Galerie AYACS , Amsterdam

  • 2011

- Galerie -SANAA, Utrecht (solo)

- Art Amsterdam, Galerie Huub Hannen, Amsterdam

- Twente Biënnale, Hengelo

  • 2010

 -Museum de Fundatie, Heino. (solo)                                              

 -Art Rotterdam, Galerie Maurits van de Laar.


  • 2009

-Slot Zeist, Winners Royal Award Modern Painting

  • 2008

-Vegas Gallery, London. (solo)

- Architectural Biënnale, P3, London (UK)

 -Sociale Verzekeringsbank Amstelveen, (solo)                                                                            

 – Galerie Huub Hannen, Maastricht (solo)

-Galerie AYAC’S, Amsterdam (solo)

  • 2007

 -Stedelijk Museum, Zwolle (solo)                                                                                       

-Galerie Maurits van de Laar, Den Haag (solo)                                                                                  

-Art Amsterdam,Galerie Maurits van de Laar

  • 2006

-Gemeentemuseum Den Haag , Dutch Royal Award for Modern Painting (first Prize Winner)

-MAMA Showroom, Rotterdam

-Galerie AYAC’S, Amsterdam (solo)

  • 2005

- CBK Groningen

-Kunstcentrum Defka, Assen

-Galerie AYAC´S, Amsterdam (solo)

  • 2004

-The International Exchange Show MFA, Hunter College/ Times Square Gallery, New York (USA)

  • 2003

 -Stedelijk Museum, Zwolle (solo)

  • 2002

- Dutch Royal Award for Modern Painting, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag