Gillian Hyland

About the Artists:

Gillian Hyland creates supernatural staged images, presented as film stills or dramatic moments. Hyland’s unsettling mise-en-scene are full of sex and desire, sadness and nostalgia. Narratives that are psychologically evocative - at once sublimely theatrical yet poignant.

Like Richard Avedon and Guy Bourdin, the mix of fashion and art has challenged us to accept stylised new ideas of femininity and masculinity, innocence and sensuality. Hyland describes herself as an image maker and story teller. Her dramatic photographs are based on her own poems, and depict characters in human dramas and isolated emotional situations. Frozen in time, solitary and vulnerable moments are presented in glorious technicolor and timeless sets.

Encapsulating her memories and emotions in poems she then transforms these into images, offering a new perspective. The imagery plays with our notions of nostalgia, and taps into society’s cultural understanding of feelings and beliefs. The composition of each image suggests a larger narrative within a single moment. The photograph explores Hyland’s sense of self and society and aims to engage and trigger an emotional response from the viewer.

“It’s not about creating a pretty picture, for me it’s the intention that lies beneath it that is truly worthwhile. I’m drawn to the thinking mind behind the face, the subject’s eyes holding a story in their gaze, that is what I aim to capture through my photographs.”


Gillian Hyland is an image maker; she personally composes every aspect of her pictures. Originally from Ireland, Gillian’s career began in publishing, where she worked as a fashion stylist and features writer for a number of well-known national magazines. This led to a move into the television industry, and later into the film industry, where she worked in a variety of roles, including stylist, set designer, and art director.

Since 2007 Gillian has been living in London. This period has seen her create imagery for fashion shoots, commercials and advertising campaigns for a range of high-profile international clients and brands. 

This diverse background helped her develop a passion for making images, which evolved into her own distinctive photographic style. Gillian released her first fine art series ‘Words in Sight’ in 2014; since then her photographs have been exhibited around the world and received several awards.




  • 2017- 09 Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards & Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2017-08 Sunny Art Centre Exhibition, London, UK
  • 2017-07 DongGang International Photo Festival, Yeonwol, Korea
  • 2017-06 La Galleria Pall Mall, RAP Exhibition, London, UK
  • 2017-06 Art Busan, Bruno Massa Gallery, Busan, South Korea
  • 2017-05 Travel Photography Society, Award Exhibition, Oriental Mandarin Hotel, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia
  • 2017-05 Head On Photo Festival, Portrait Awards Exhibition, Museum of Sydney, Australia
  • 2017-05 Context NY Art Fair, Bruno Massa Gallery, New York, USA
  • 2017-04 Sony World Photography Awards, Somerset House, London, UK
  • 2017-04 Photo Independent, Fabrik Magazine Street Photography, LA, USA
  • 2017-04 Fathom Gallery, Present But Not Involved Exhibition, LA, USA
  • 2017-03 The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London, UK
  • 2017-02 Blank Wall Gallery, Portraits Exhibition, Athens, Greece
  • 017-01 Art Rooms, Melia White House, London, UK                                            
  • 2016-11 Art Miami, Aqua Fair, Bruno Massa Gallery, Miami USA     
  • 2016-11 Flux Exhibition, Truman Brewery, London UK
  • 2016-10 Affordable Art Fair New York, Bruno Massa Gallery,  New York City
  • 2016-07 Royal Arts Prize, Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London, UK                      
  • 2016-06 Cynthia Corbett Gallery Summer Exhibition, ROA Gallery, London, UK
  • 2016-06 Art Hamptons, Bruno Massa Gallery, New York, USA         
  • 2016-04 Barbara Stanley Gallery, Spring Mixed Show, London UK
  • 2016-04 The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London, UK
  • 2016-03 Affordable Art Fair London, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK
  • 2016-02 Look At Me Exhibition, Casa Toesca, Turin, Italy
  • 2016-01 London Art Fair, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK
  • 2016-03 Affordable Art Fair Milan, Bruno Massa Gallery, Milan, Italy
  • 2015-12 National Open Art, Award exhibition, RCA, London, UK  
  • 2015-12 Flux Exhibition, Group artist show, Royal College of Art, London, UK  
  • 2015-10 Magazine 125 LIVE Exhibition, 125 Live Gallery, London, UK  
  • 2015-10 Royal Photographic Society, RPS Print Exhibition 158, various locations UK      
  • 2015-10 Le Quatrieme Image Exhibition, Paris, France
  • 2015-09 ROA Gallery, The Way Of Art VII Edition, Pall Mall London, UK            
  • 2015-08 La Galleria, Summer Show, Pall Mall, London UK
  • 2015-07 NVAL International Show, Carter House Gallery, Redding, California, USA
  • 2015-06 Affordable Art Fair, Corbett Gallery, London UK
  • 2015-06 The Photography Show, RPS,Various venues in the UK     
  • 2015-06 Premio Combat Art Prize, Museo Civico G.Fattori, Livorno, Italy
  • 2015-06 Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, EGOS X Exhibition, Pall Mall, London, UK
  • 2015-05 Corbett Gallery Summer Exhibition, Focus on Photography, London, UK
  • 2015-05 Moscow International Foto Awards, Rooftop Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2015-03 Affordable Art Fair, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London UK                        
  • 2015-01 London Art Fair, Corbett Gallery, London UK - 2015
  • 2014-09 National Open Art Exhibition, Somerset House, London UK
  • 2014-09 Young Master Award Exhibition, Sphinx Gallery, London UK
  • 2014-09 Royal Photographic Society Print Exhibition 157, various locations UK
  • 2014-08 Gallery Photographica, Group Exhibition, San Francisco, California USA
  • 2014-08 Ariano International Film Festival Winner – Exhibition series, Ariano, Italy
  • 2014-07 PX3 Winners Exhibition, Arles Photo Festival, Arles, France          
  • 2014-07 PDN Curator Award Exhibition, Industrial Colour, New York City, NY
  • 2014-06 NVAL International Show, Carter House Gallery, Redding, California, USA



2017-04 Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards Winner, USA
2017-04 Travel Photography Society Awards, Editors Choice Top 24 Photographers
2017- 03 Sony World Photography Awards, National Portrait Prize, Winner Silver
2017-02 International Photographer Of The Year Award, 1st Place Winner, Children
2016-07 Fine Art Photography Awards, Nominated Fine Art Series, London, UK
2016-05 Royal Arts Prize, Winner, London, UK
2016 IPA Awards, Family Of Man, Portrait Honourable Mention         
2016-04 Life Framer Prize, “A World of Cultures”, London, UK        
2015-11 Art Prize CBN Finalist, Premio Carlo Bonatto Minella, Italy,  
2015 IPA Awards, Fine Art Series, "Words In Sight' Honourable Mention  
2015-08 National Open Art, Ward Thomas Photography Award, London, UK
2015 One Eyeland Awards, Finalist Advertising & People, India
2015-06 Fine Art Photo Awards, Nominated for Portrait & Fine Art Series Award, UK
2015-05 Magenta Flash Forward, UK Winner, Canada 
2015-04 AX3 – American Aperture Awards, Winner People/Portraits, USA
2015-04 La Quatrieme Image, Winner, exhibition Paris, France
2014 PX3 Prix De La Photographie, Silver Award, Fine Art Portrait
2014 PX3 Prix De La Photographie, Gold Award series, Advertising/Self Promotion                  
2014-10 Moscow International Foto Awards - 1st prize Fine Art Portrait, Russia
2014-08 Gallery Photographica - Gold Award, San Francisco USA     
2014-08 Ariano International Film Festival - Portrait Series Winner, Ariano, Italy
2014-06 PDN Curator Awards, Winner of the ‘Portrait Series’, NYC, USA

2014-05 North Valley Art League - 2nd place Gold Medal, California USA




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