James Brohan at 60


September 21 - October 14, 2012

Monday - Sunday 10- 5.30pm
Opening Friday 21st September 6pm

James Brohan at 60
In his mid twenties, when James Brohan was making his living, both as a motor mechanic and as a semi professional footballer in the League of Ireland, he probably doubted his childhood dream of becoming an artist would ever be fulfilled. However circumstances were to conspire otherwise. A serious ankle injury cut short his playing career and when the recession in the eighties blighted the motor industry, James found himself redundant and without a job. It was then that James took the brave decision to become a full time artist.

James Brohan is sixty years old this year, and with over half a life dedicated to his trade, we decided it was a fitting time for an exhibition. What you will see in this exhibition is over twenty new pieces, executed in James inimitable, heavy impasto style. He will visit some of his favorite themes: rural Ireland, harbours, flower sellers, gardens and his portraits, and these will demonstrate why James has become one of the foremost and most important impressionist painters in Ireland today.

His work is now becoming recognized internationally, being very much in demand at the many international art fairs which we attend. His attention to detail, his perspective and depth and most of all, the delightful interplay of light colour and form are some of the qualities which make James`s work so sought after. So whether you are a fan or a newcomer to James work, we hope you enjoy the current collection, and hopefully you will have the good fortune of owning one of the pieces, which undoubtedly you will enjoy for many years to come.

James Brohan Paintings