East Meets West

A solo exhibition of new work by Rimi Yang
September 14 - September 30, 2017

East Meets West-A solo exhibition of new work by R

Sol Art are delighted to present to you 'East Meets West' a solo exhibition of new work by L.A based Korean artist Rimi Yang. Celebrating 10 years of success with Sol Art, Rimi's work embraces traditions from both sides of the globe.

Classically trained, Rimi's interest in both Eastern and Western art helps her deconstruct iconic images and reconstruct them to bend to her will. Since 2007, Sol Art have been exhibiting Rimi Yang's work both nationally and internationally. In 2009 her work was chosen to hang at the Golden Globes and in 2017 her work was chosen to be the face of the advertising campaign for AAF Battersea. Large scale posters of her work were spread all around the London underground. 
She says of her work: 


“Mankind tries to order the un-orderable, explain the inexplicable. Do we really always need to reason, understand and structure, or could we instead seek out the vibration that connects all life in an instant" 
Show runs until 30th September