Miles Aware-A solo exhibition by Rory Bresnihan

August 24 - September 1, 2018

Miles Aware-A solo exhibition by Rory Bresnihan

Opening 24 August | 6-8pm

‘Miles Aware’ is a visual study and representation of adult Attention Deficit Disorder by Rory Bresnihan.

Each piece either represents an aspect of my experience with A.D.D. or attempts to allow the viewer experience it for themselves.

The paintings are idea-based figurative studies. We are caught in a moment in time and are invited to imagine a narrative around that moment. Some pieces are satirical, some playful but all sit under a darkly tonal theme of the misfit.

ADD is a condition condemned as an excuse.

It is unfocused and impulsive.
It is sickened by routine and such tedious schemes as executive function and alphabetical order.
But it is intuition and creativity and uniquely aware.
Often obsolete in a wired and copycat world.
We are genius and junky and one and the same.
We are innovators and outcasts. Obsessed and indifferent. We are Einstein, Edison and Mozart... and a thousand exiles whose names will never be preserved.
We’ll fix your computer but look for our shoes in the sky.
We can see you completely but won’t hear a word you say.
We are…
Ah, forget it!

Show runs until 1st of September.