Diaspora-A new solo show by Paul Doran

June 20 - July 11, 2019

Diaspora-A new solo show by Paul Doran

We're delighted to present to you 'Diaspora'


Paul Doran's first solo show with us in Dublin


Launch Night: Thursday 20th June | 6-8pm


Runs until Thursday 11th July



Paul Doran

Paul Doran has been described ‘as one of the best artistic talents that has come out of Belfast in years.Doran’s work is his personal abstraction of contemporary life, painted on canvas. It has its own visual language of landscape, bio-form, mask, visual metaphor and edgy pun.

Integrating the unconscious with a consciousness of the present Doran creates images that are challengingly relevant to the social moment. Doran’s art has impact. Paul says, ‘Belfast always comes into it one way or another, visible or not. You are who you are.’

Paul was born in Belfast and now has his studio close to the city. He left to study Fine Art at the Cornerstone Creative Campus, Liverpool Hope University. Paul believes Liverpool was formative in his personal and artistic development. In the City of Culture Paul was now meeting multinational creative students, in a buzzing artistic scene and experiencing great British and international contemporary art.

In 2011, Paul’s art was shortlisted in the Liverpool Art Fair, he won the Wynn Vivian Purchase Prize and gained a scholarship for a Master’s degree in Creative Practice.

His early research on the eternal line and later the culture of spontaneity point towards his artistic inclinations and influences, Kandinsky, Stella, Pollock and the Abstract Expressionists, British contemporary artists Riley and Davenport and Irish artist Sean Scully.


Diaspora Concept

Diaspora is a population that is scattered away from its original indigenous location - the movement of people. Notable diaspora is the Irish during and since the famine, the Italian in USA and the Jewish Diaspora. Modern diaspora includes the refugee crisis through war and global exodus caused by climate change.

We are all originally part of the African Diaspora over millennia. There are different types of Diaspora, people move for different reasons, seeking life opportunities, war, force, work, poverty, discrimination, lack of freedom & expression. The diaspora can have a very positive impact on the country of origin for example modernization, finance, cultural knowledge and skills.

Because of Ireland’s history we should be very sensitive around the issue of immigration and essentially being ambassadors or role models for acceptance, integration and tolerance.


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