A City of Glass Crystal After Dark-A solo show by Du Jingze

September 5 - September 22, 2019

A City of Glass Crystal After Dark-A solo show by

Please join us for the opening of ‘A City of Glass Crystal After Dark’

A solo exhibition by Du Jingze

Opening Thursday 5th September | 6-8pm

We’re delighted to present to you a new solo exhibition by Chinese artist, Du Jingze. After graduating from NCAD in 2017, Du Jingze was accepted into the Royal College of Art where he has been developing this current body of work. He says of his current work:

“My current work is motivated by my attempt to cope with the fast-paced capitalism. I work better when I’m soaked in a lot of information. I then process it by either comparing, or using my own background as an anchor. My Chinese upbringing makes me work practically and pragmatically. I started living in Ireland at 13, where I also learnt to solve problems abstractly. Therefore, I always treat my work in both a goal-oriented manner, as well as trusting in the process.

Social media, trends and noises all affect the images I produce. Power is a key theme of my work at the moment. Since I started on this series, I noticed many different types of power, i.e. the typical masculine power, the soft power; the healthy power and the unhealthy power; the constructive power and the destructive power; the financial power and political power; the playful power and the academic power etc. Because I'm living in London at the moment, I’m drawn to the power of finance, the power of institutions, as well as the power of heritage. My goal isn't about persuading my opinions. I like to observe, highlight and bring things to attention.

I choose my images from both online and from daily life. I notice, collect and sometimes look for things that could fit into my work. I try to catalogue everything that I collect regularly, and make selections for potential paintings. Usually, I try to limit the number of elements that I’m experimenting in each image, and trade for simplicity and clarity. I also like to keep several different bodies of work. I often focus on one body at a time. Going back to work from a different series helps me refreshing my point of view and coming up with fresh solutions on the current work.”

The exhibition runs until 22nd September

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