Ani Mollereau-Solo Show

February 27 - March 8, 2020

Ani Mollereau-Solo Show

Join us for the opening of

Soul Vision

A new solo show by Ani Mollereau

Launching Thursday 27th | 6.30-8.30pm


Ani Mollereau was born in Dublin, Ireland , of a French father and Irish mother and she inherited both their cultural influences. From an early age she became interested in art eventually specializing in sculpture. She has exhibted work extensively, both home and abroad.

Her materials are bronze, silver and bog oak . Her methods and techniques cover an extraordinary range from the rock strength of Giagormetti and Henry Moore to a delicacy born of feminism that transends gender to communicate on a spiritual level.

Ani draws on the power and beauty of animals to create sculptures, sybolising our purer selves. Her work is not about measurement but the spirit of the animal capturing the subject with poweful, flowing , graceful lines, allowing the viewer to see with the eye ,the hand and the soul.

The power and delicacy of the artist’s work tells us with certainty that there is much more to life than mundane existance. This is surely the purpose of art.


She says of her work:

“ Where the Spirit works with the hands there is art. With my sculptures my aim is to inspire people who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them to discover beauty at a glance through their, tactile and visual simplicity and I want to challenge the spectators imagination.

Animals embody majesty, freedom of self expression, passion and endurance, to me they have a great phiosophy of life. My sculpturea deal with life’s challenges . They are abstract so that each person can see their own story. Life should not be dictated

Through my sculpture I free my Spirit that is within and tell my story but I also want the viewer to be inspired to see their story too that is my motivation to create.

My inspiration is life and the world around me, the visible and the invisible, expressing emotion, imagination, identity, story life force and nature. As I work the clay I get immersed in the energy of creation and we grow together.

My art is my life. "

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