Joanmiquel Font & Daniel Voramar

Athena Room

May 4 - May 17, 2012

Sol Art Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition of the two Catalan Artists that will be hosted in the Gallery this Friday 4th of May at 6.30 pm and run until the 17th of May.

Both artists are well known around Spain ,and the rest of Europe and Sol Art Gallery is delighted to promote their work in Ireland.

Joanmiquel Font is an artist who from an early age became accustomed to the volcanic tonalities of his land, a land that abounds with volcanoes that are fortunately dormant, yet with lava and lapilli that serve as a constant witness that natural creativity far predated the green delights of his surroundings.

Joanmiquel's first motivation was found in the volcanoes, but there are also sweeping views in which the sky and land join just like in the earliest days of the evolution of matter.

To Joanmiquel, true art in all its guises means capturing a vignette from life in a landscape that is common to the artist and to society at large;capturing it and letting it follow the course it is destined to follow.

Daniel Voramar works as it can be seen are very different from Joanmiquel.Whereas Joanmiquel lets nature play an important role on his canvasses, Daniel focuses on everyday life objects that fulfill our moments. Moments that can be filled listening or playing music,reading a book or going for a spin with a bicycle.These are recurrent topics along his works in which he combines the colours and distributes the elements to create harmony and balance.

If Joanmmiquel finds shelter outdoors Daniel finds inspiration inside his workshop.

Both artists' very different styles have one thing in common: the vibrancy and the energy of an old land: Catalonia
Image: Piano by Daniel Voramar