December 7, 2015
LeCool Review JB Vallely Exhibition at Sol Art

Some of the most awe-striking works celebrated across music and art have the ability to captivate far beyond their one intended sense. The intrinsic bond between both creative fields has been reinforced over countless eras: listening to a masterfully-crafted piece of music, one’s imagination could not help but conjure up radiant visuals that tie in seamlessly with each dramatic crescendo. Similarly, evocative artwork has the power to create an accompanying mental soundtrack, as each vibrant movement depicted on canvas triggers a symphony in the mind of each engaged onlooker. One creative who has dedicated his life’s work to these dynamic, aforementioned areas is JB Vallely; an Armagh- born artist and musician, whose passion for his country’s ‘culturally-diverse’ heritage has manifested in myriad series of colourful paintings, many portraying instrumentalists mid- performance, alongside a focus on traditional Irish music. In Vallely’s latest collaboration with Dawson Street’s Sol Art Gallery, running until the 12th of December, audiences will have the chance to absorb his vivid, tangible pieces once more. So full of motion is each musical figure – all illustrated in rainbow hues – they appear almost sentient in nature; ready to leap off of their perch into the real world and to fill our ears with violins and accordions, sounds we had already dreamt up. / Amelia O’Mahony-Brady

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